ICBP2021 starts call for papers!

The conference has started the solicitation and selection of related cooperative journals. The selected excellent papers will be recommended to the appropriate SCI journal for review and publication according to the author's requirements. Scholars and scientific researchers in the related fields are welcome to submit papers. The relevant essay information is as follows:
一. Journal Information
  Medical abstract SCI 【HOT】
  Medical materials SCI, Quick hire 【HOT】
  Infectious disease detection and prevention related SCI (COVID-19 related topics)
  Protein and amino acid related SCI
  SCI in Biochemistry and Medicine
  SCI for medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology
  Radiology, medical imaging related SCI, etc.

Journal source: International well-known publishing group
Impact factor and zoning: 0.5-4, District 1-3, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Retrieval type: Article, no meeting information
Publication period: 3-6 months, both regular and special issues

二. Receiving Range
1. Infectious disease detection and prevention
Infection prevention and control, new coronary pneumonia related detection, epidemiology, microbiology, etc.
2. Proteins are related to amino acids
Amino acid activation, protein synthesis and composition analysis, post-synthesis processing modification, etc.
3. Related to medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology
Biological, pharmaceutical and medical research, including drug delivery, pharmacy management, molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, phytochemistry, bioanalysis, therapeutics, etc.
4. Related to radiology and medical imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, biological signal processing, cell and molecular engineering, rehabilitation and clinical engineering, etc.

三. Instructions for Authors
◆ The SCI papers received at this conference are published and retrieved without conference information, and the retrieval type is Article;
◆ No more submissions than one manuscript, not published in any other journals or conferences;
◆ The rate of checking papers is less than 15%;
◆ The content of the article is full and complete, the data is reliable, the chart is clear, and there is a certain degree of innovation;
◆ The paper structure conforms to the general standards of international journals;
◆ The first draft can be submitted in Chinese, and translation and retouching services can be provided.

四. Publishing Process
Submit the first draft → Preliminary review (3-5 working days) → Feedback the preliminary review comments, sign the publishing agreement (full payment or deposit, if the final publication or retrieval is not possible, refund all the fees paid) → Send to the final review → The papers that meet the standards are accepted → Proof proofing, online publication → SCI database search, payment of the final payment (if any)

五. Submission Method
1.Submission email:* Indicate the type of submission)
2.Submission system: users, submit papers as prompted)

六. Important Dates
Covid-19 themed SCI journals: Deadline at the end of May 2020
Other medical-related SCI journals: delivered once a month

七. Contact
Tel: 19138038206
QQ: 1830695537

Important Dates

Conference date:
Sep. 15, 2021
Deadline of abstract submission:
Sep. 01, 2021
Deadline of abstract registration:
Sep. 01, 2021